Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have always been about pursuing our dreams and achieving them. It really inspires me when the fans send in pictures of themselves rocking Grits while they are doing what they are passionate about. Here are a video of our amazing supporter, Leon Slavage. No Grits No Glory!

Monday, May 14, 2012

OKC SK8: No Grits No Glory!

Saturday we were set up at the RAT Skate Tour at Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park in OKC. We had a cool time and meet a lot of new people that joined the Grit Gang. The Competion was crazy, mad skaters were breaking their boards. So you know people were going hard in the paint. Anyway here is a few pics but bear with me I forgot my camera so you have to settle for my iPhone pics. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The RAT Skate Jam

A few days ago we were set up at the Scion presents RAT Skate Tour where the dopest amateur skateboard contestants came out to show their newest moves and tricks and compete for over $2500 in cash and prizes. With the tour hosted Kasmiersky Park Skatepark in Conroe, TX, die hards came out with their boards and excitement. All around great music, great weather and killer skating! We want to give a BIG ups to the Rat Skate Tour for having us come out and their support of the Houston area skate scene!


Monday, April 23, 2012

No Grits No Glory

 Many people do not understand "your dreams" or passion for something that you are passionate about. It's not that they do not support you, its just that it is "your dreams" and only you know the direct path to fulfill what you may think is your life's purpose. Family and friends can always stand around and say they support you in the here and the now, but will they support where you are trying to be? No one knows your world the way that you do, some people may think they do, but in all reality they don’t know your world even a 1/16th.  No mat­ter how hard they try or how hard you try to explain it people do not always come around.

Well with anything that is worth growing there will always be change. Change is good because it lets you see that you are evolving to the place you want to be, and reaching your dreams. Sometimes friends and family can be guilty of trying to hold you back or trying to tell you what they think your dream should be by putting you in a box. Most people want you to stay the same, never change, don't evolve or strive for better. Get outside of that box and do it for yourself. "No Grits, No Glory" is all about finding your dreams and then chasing after it until you get the satisfaction that you are looking for outside of the box. It isn't something we make a choice for or against, it's just us living our lives and learning to be comfortable with change. When you understand that you have more opportunities in life if you take more risk, you begin to live your life in full color. Not the black and white stale ordinary life that many people want us to live and follow. 

As for the majority of others, change or risk is not that easy to do. That is when worry, doubt, and fear play a key factor in your mind. You have to believe in yourself and your dreams no matter what. Hard work and determination can take you very far and a lot of times you won't have the same people around in your corner cheering you to the finish line, but whispering there doubts behind your back. That's when we say, turn it off, tune them out, and FOCUS. Stop explaining. There is always a bigger picture for each of us, that we can only see. Don't force others to see it your way, just show and prove. It is much easier to apologize later than to get permission.  Go ahead and just do it.

No Grits No Glory

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Scion Regional Amateur Skateboard Tour

This Saturday, April 21st I’ll be setting up shop at the 2012 Scion Regional Amateur Skateboard Tour (The RAT). Read more about this awesome event and all of the cool happenings that will be going on at the official site HERE. Make sure you stop by my table to say…“Hello“, and to also pick up some Grits gear get a hold of some surprises! I’ll be seeing you guys this weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Won!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Charlatan, Martyr and a Hustler walked into a bar.....

We call it hustlin; It's what I try to do everyday. I still have a 9-5, but I try to fill every free moment with lots of work, emailing, drawing, and more emailing. Even though the emailing is not always directly related to the work, I try to email back anyone who shows interest in Grits. So on a good day there is always a lot of work and a lot of productivity.

Today, however, was a little slow at first, till I saw this poster from Joey Roth that gave me a "kick in the ass," and it got me moving all day. It's titled, Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler. Now the question is, Where do I fall in?

Apparently, Hustlers back up their talk with real work.

If you want to purchase go here.