Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Charlatan, Martyr and a Hustler walked into a bar.....

We call it hustlin; It's what I try to do everyday. I still have a 9-5, but I try to fill every free moment with lots of work, emailing, drawing, and more emailing. Even though the emailing is not always directly related to the work, I try to email back anyone who shows interest in Grits. So on a good day there is always a lot of work and a lot of productivity.

Today, however, was a little slow at first, till I saw this poster from Joey Roth that gave me a "kick in the ass," and it got me moving all day. It's titled, Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler. Now the question is, Where do I fall in?

Apparently, Hustlers back up their talk with real work.

If you want to purchase go here.