Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sneak Peak

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Musing: Not Your Average

It was a couple of years ago something in my head snapped. I had grown tired of producing "pretty" insipid work on the computer to pay the bills; the late nights and tight deadlines tied to a Mac on autopilot had begun to mess with my mind.

I kept seeing a recurring daydream of a younger me - standing in the garden at the house I grew up in with pens and pencils instead of fingers as my hands, and a big smile on my face. It reminded me of why I had started making pictures in the first place, because it was fun!

That is why I started Grits, to keep the fun in my life though making pictures that were true to making me happy.

I found a different kind of passion for Life and Art that I've always known existed but seem to have forgotten in the social fabric of mediocrity.

Then one night while drawing at my desk, it hit me...
At some point in life - people have to come to the realization that they march to the beat of their own drum. Normal doesn't quite describe these folks who often try desperately to fit in, but fail miserably.

There comes a time when we are forced to embrace the self-realization that breaking away from normal is actually a good thing.

Success is not defined by how well we fit in with "the crowd", but actually how we inspire those around us.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspiration: Fried Grits

Today's post is from fellow blogger, Jeff Jeffords, he writes a encouraging blog called Fried Grits. I've been following him for a while and love his anecdotes. Check this one out about Fried Grits.

I love grits. I’m talking about legitimate grits that Grandma simmers to perfection and lovingly seasons with butter, salt and cheese. Grits go best with bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and steaming hot coffee. Grits are certainly a substantial dish. It’s no mistake that the term grit interchangeably defines fine granules and determination. For years, my Grandma Jeffords has recycled leftover grits into tasty fried grit cakes. Grandma chills the grits in the fridge then dices them into bite size chunks and fries them in an iron skillet. Fried grits convert a hearty dish into bite-size portions. For me, fried grits represent the incremental, hearty investments that Grandma consistently made into my life.

Like Grandma says; “grits stick to your ribs.” For as long as I can remember, Grandma has been relentless about feeding her family, and feeding them well. While I was in college, I would often call Grandma on Sunday afternoons to catch up. One of the questions that she would inevitably ask me is, “are you drinking enough milk”? The question always made me smile, but it turned out that this was actually a brilliant question. She didn’t badger me about what my major was or how my grades were, but because of her relentless sincerity, I didn’t want to disappoint her. She was influencing me to do my best. Like always, she was steadily reflecting Jesus and cultivating grace in my heart.

Throughout my life, I’ve observed a remarkable capacity within my Grandmother to renew her mind and maintain her focus on the important things. The substantive stuff that sticks to your ribs and establishes character. Through the ups and downs within the lives of children, grandchildren and great grand children, she has always been a steadfast presence. Her home is like an anchor that renews your mind and challenges you to be a man or woman of substance. It takes some life experience to truly appreciate that.

Achieving our goals has everything to do with establishing the right foundation through a consistent, prioritized focus each week. I sometimes have a tendency to overwhelm an individual week with more than I can actually get done and that’s a recipe for neglecting the important stuff for the sake of the “urgent” stuff. Think about it. If we don’t have work goals and relationship goals each week then our weeks take on a life of their own and begin to dictate our schedule. Setting bite-size weekly goals are about aspiring to do significant work and having the grit to take charge of our weekly schedules. We must realize that though we may end a week feeling that we didn’t get it all done, we can’t let that spill over into working too much and stealing time from our key relationships. Don’t miss the simple, yet important, things that happen every week in the lives of those closest to us. I speak from some experience.

Something amazing happens when we become focused and not frenzied. The richness of the simple things in life start shining through. Wise people like my Grandma understand this. There’s immediate returns on resolving ourselves to be priority-driven, but the long range returns are priceless. The long term results craft our legacy. Legacy is birthed within the hearts of those that our lives touch. The principle of Fried Grits is this; A life well led is life that cultivates grace within the hearts those closest to it. Hearty investments made over time leave a mark. We just need to eat our grits one bite at a time.

What’s your favorite way to prepare grits? If you don’t like grits, don’t tell me. I might unfairly and harshly judge you;-)

-Jeff Jeffords

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Earlier this year, I recently had a aunt that passed away to cancer. Ever since then I wanted to give back in someway. So when I got approached with doing a cover for the charity campaign. I couldn't turn it down. Coalmine Records is proud to announce their charity campaign for the song “Beautiful”, whereby American Cancer Society for cancer research and patient care.

So check the single, brought to you by Coalmine Records 100% of the net revenue will be donated to the
for cancer research and patient care.

The single "Beautiful" features Talib, Big K.R.I.T., Outasight and Mela Machinko click here to stream/purchase.

The song is now available on iTunes with all proceeds going to help the cause.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Plans vs Their Plans

One day while working in "cubicle hell," I found myself in a meeting after completing a project. It wasn't a bad meeting, he mainly gave me a minute of praise before discussing upcoming projects. While most of the meeting was forgettable. One thing that stuck in my head after we talked is when he said, "We've got plans for you."

After the discussion, that phrase stuck with me. For some us that means a promotion or a raise is in the works. But this time, It left me with doubt. How does he know that his plans are aligned with my plans?

It's tempting to go along with other people's plans for a while. And keep telling yourself that you are "buying time" till you find something better. However, years can pass and then one day you will look back and wonder, hey, what happened to my plans?

Now, I don't think that everyone toiling at a day job is unhappy. But I do think everyone has a dream, and if you aren't willing to turn your dream into a plan, someone else will come along to impose their own plans on you. The next time this happens, think carefully:

How do their plans fit into my plans?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has died six weeks after resigning from the Apple chief executive post he held for 14 years, is credited with changing our lives "immensely".

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email rememberingsteve@apple.com - apple.com/stevejobs/

If you dont remember, I created a free download from last year inspired by one of his speeches. [Download Here]

Only in Texas

Monday, October 3, 2011

Southern Brands

Note: This is an old post I wrote and never posted for some odd reason. Maybe it was because I felt that there were too many opinions flying around at the time or that my gripe is more about Southern Streetwear. Anyway check it out. Let me know what you think.

Complex Magazine and Bobby Hundreds compiled a list of The 50 Greatest Streetwear Brands of all time. Well, I am not the list and neither is any other Southern based brand. Nor do I expect to be.

But one thing is clear. Southern Streetwear has lot more to do on our part.

I started Grits not only because I was tired of being a graphics monkey but also because the southern culture is so under represented in this arena. After years of buying shoes and limited apparel from all corners of the planet. I grew little disgruntled over the fact that so many bought brands that didn't represent where they lived. Instead of a diet of based on Southern culture our consist of New York, LA and Japan.

So will it does hurt that not one Southern brand was listed but truthfully. Neither one of us are there yet.

But on the upside I believe that we hold the torch. Much like Southern Hip hop was in the 90's, southern streetwear created our own "Chitlin Circuit" and are playing by our own rules.

So when I read the article I was not surprised but neither should they when we are NOT welcoming them with open arms. Southern streetwear culture in general has always been undervalued by attention but has always been a profit center for our neighbors. My feeling is that we should support the community at large but more importantly support our own local and regional independent culture. And not be so quick to allow anyone to come and take advantage just because they are "popular."

Side note: It should also be noted that I’m not only just a fan of The Hundreds as a brand but a lot of others too. But when all is said and done my heart still lies with my Southern roots.

No Grits No Glory!!

BTW if you havent read the article check it out HERE.

Friday, September 30, 2011

If you’re going to be successful...

I’m not sharing this video because of the NFL or because of the athlete. I’m sharing this because of the important message related directly to success and finding it. You’ve heard it before: If you want to be on the same level as the people that you look up to, you’ll need to work really, really hard. The secrets to success are revealed through hard work.

If you’re going to be successful you’ve got to be willing to give up sleep.

This does not mean do not sleep. However, it does mean you need to prioritize. It is a metaphor for certain things in life that you do that can and quite possibly, need to be sacrificed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


New season is coming! Our new release is coming and I've been working hard on getting it out on schedule. Here is a sneak peak..

I spent the last week drawing and drawing and choosing the right colors. It’s a lot of moving parts to keep organized and although it seems we have lost track on the blog a little bit everything is finally all coming together and this special release is going to be one of our best yet!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Midday hustle: LSD NO-NO

One of my top ten videos ever..... ever.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know some of y'all been wondering whats happening with Grits. Its been a minute because I need to learn balance between work and family. Sometimes I am guilty of putting work above the latter. In order to balance everything, I took a small hiatus to search out new ideas and relax a bit. And I must say it was a breathe of fresh air! During this time I had a couple of epiphanys.

One of those brilliant ideas resulted in getting married to Toya Bee. (Some may have seen her helping at the booth at Kixpo or H-town Sneaker Summit.)
The others are secret for now and they will soon manifest this fall.

Anyway, anytime is a a good time think about ones work/life balance. To find our purpose in life.

Many people work crazy hours to fill a void in their life. Some are just so driven and excited about what they do everyday that they cannot think of anything else.

For those, the old saying "Work's only Work, if you'd rather be doing something else", applies.

Either way, as we get older, it seems we come to appreciate that there is something to finding that balance, and everyone's balance is different, some it's 10/90, others it might be 90/10, but one of the keys to happiness is finding yours.
For those of us who will be grinding over the next couple of months, make sure that you use that time well - there's no point of just going through the motions.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorry for the Radio Silence Folks!

I know it's been rather quiet on the Grits front lately as we've been working on expanding, creating the new line and accessories and also a wedding. Yup! a wedding. Anyway, I'm sorry for the radio silence and for neglecting this here blog which I know loyal fans of Grits enjoy and visit frequently.

We do have some good news, and a lot will be disclosed next week. So stay tuned.

It's good to be back!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

H-Town Sneaker Summit Recap

The H-Town Sneaker Summit Summer edition was pretty crazy this year. It seemed as if the whole city came out to bare witness to the super-sizing of what was already the regions largest summit. There were plenty of people, dozens of dope brands and a surplus of sneakers. Thanks to all the new friends who join the Grits Gang.

No Grits No Glory

This is my boy Squincy Jones runs AWWREADY.com and and the second half of Raise it Up If you're in town check it out this Thursday .

For more images click here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Htown Sneaker Summit

Its Htown Sneaker Summit is this Sunday, July 31st. We are back at the Toyota Center! So you know we will be there in full effect. And as usual Chattaboxes for everyone. If you don't know about it, in a nutshell, the H-Town Sneaker Summit is the largest and longest running event of its kind in the entire Southwest where Sneaker Enthusiasts from all walks of life gather to discuss sneakers & fashion in a huge party atmosphere! I hope that sums it up. If you dont know check it out here.

Word Play

“Creative” is one of those annoying words that means little, simply because it means so many different things to different people. I make no claim to have a better definition of “creative” than anyone else.

The best working definition of creative I have is “When work and play become the same thing”.
When that happens, you’re in flow. When you’re in flow, things are created.

Perhaps there are better definitions of “creative” out there. Does it matter? Not really.

What matters is that you find your own definition.

You don’t need mine. I don’t need yours.

No Grits No Glory

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Come hang this Friday, July 29th for the Go! Pop! Bang! Meet and Greet with Rye Rye at SF2 Southwest Location! We will have giveaways and Limited Edition Grits Shirts to be released. Check out more info here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

It starts with an idea!!

At the last event that we attended, I came to realization that a lot of people are motivated to pursue their passion but they always have a "BUT." Then they go on to give me all the excuses in the world for why they cant start right now.

Most of the conversation boil down to us living our lives out of the fear of what other people think of us. Or waiting for someone to give us a permission slip that tells us it's OK to start.

Your ideals and value are your own, and no one could or should ever try to tell you what to do. Some of the most important ideas in life may seem quite unrealistic, but what would you rather do -- live like everyone else?

One of my goals with the Grits blog is to help you challenge the status quo, live life on your own terms, and change the world.

Currently, I'm running with the thought that, an idea is not something you HAVE, an idea is something you DO.

Ideas are cool, but without any action to follow, they’re useless. Ideas don’t exist in a vacuum.

Nobody reading this, including me, wants to spend their entire life, sitting on their desk, thinking big thoughts but actually doing nothing. Some of the most important ideas in our life may seem unrealistic, but what would you rather do -- live like everyone else?

No Grits No Glory

Design Build

I am back to the blogging world day, but the past few weeks have been non-stop. We’ve had some great meetings on some very exciting projects and products coming through out this year and the next.

If you haven't notice already, we in the mist of upgrading the format of the website. So don't fret will be back better than ever. So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I recently read The War of Art, which I loved, by the way. (#Cosign). In the book, Steven Pressfield said, "Everyone knows my tactics, but no one knows my strategy." I've noticed that if you hustle hard enough, people will eventually copy your tactics. And, it's inevitable, when something works people will copy. Too bad for them, because they’ll only see a fraction of your success. This is another reason why you don’t need to worry much about competition.

For the entrepreneur, it doesn't matter when people copy your tactics. "Why," you ask? Because, they do so without understanding the clear strategy.

Once you have a clear strategy, then you can go back to some of the tactics. Then, you can figure out what you’re doing and how to make it better, and you’ll see more of an impact. But, starting with the tactics is almost always a mistake.

So, when you take the time to create something remarkable, instead of just taking up space, focus on what's important for you and everything else will align itself properly.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Im going back to Dallas

Its that time of the year again and one of the biggest events is going down this weekend in Dallas at Kixpo. This year its going to be at the Texas Stadium! So, If you don't know about it, in a nutshell, the Kixpo is the largest of its kind in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area where Sneaker Enthusiasts from all walks of life gather to discuss sneakers & fashion in a huge party atmosphere! With performances by Stalley and Ad+D and more its bound to crazy this Saturday.

So if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area come check us out!! Chattaboxes for everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2011

In DALLAS tonight!

On June 17th in Dallas, TX, we’ll be privileged to be a part of a great hip-hop event, The Calling, housing some of the most talented artists around the area, such as Sore Losers, A.Dd+, Head Krack, and more. If you guys know anything about Loyal K.N.G. then you’ll be familiar with our love for hip-hop duo, Sore Losers (Freeloader Mixtape) and A.Dd+ (When Pigs Fly). These guys are hands down some of the most talented artists to come out of Dallas, and they are truly strong representatives of the hip-hop culture here in Texas. From intelligent hip-hop raps, strong relevant messages, and great instrumental production, Sore Losers and A.Dd+ holds it down for the TX hip-hop scene in a BIG way. And with all things Texas, that’s just the way it should be.

The event is hosted by Cool Beings’ Jesse Porter. Check out the facebook event page here for all the information or check out below:

The event will be held at:

Gilleys South Side Music Hall

1135 S. Lamar St.

Dallas, TX 75215

The time and day for the show is:

Friday, June 17 at 9:00pm – June 18 at 3:00am

The ticket prices are 10$ and can be purchased here.

*Courtesy of Loyal KNG

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fresh and Tasty Poster

At Grits we like giving everyone some swag that is down with the Gang. So here's a treat for you guys, a free poster download!! Download Here! Feel free to share with your friends, family and even your coworkers!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Enough

I've always found myself in conversations with friends and family about their jobs. And as much as they don't like their jobs, the conversation ends with;

"I shouldn't complain, because everyone tells me how good I have it. Lots of other people have been laid off or can't find a job in the first place. Besides, I have good benefits here."

Okaaayyyy...... yes you should be be happy for a job let alone a good job and others do have it hard. But, just because you have a good job or work at a good company, doesn't mean it's good for you. In fact, if you're constantly daydreaming of something else, having a good job can be dangerous. A lot of time a "good job" that you don't like can keep you from a big life.

What makes sense today, doesn't necessarily mean it will make sense on another; a job full of promise at one time can lose its luster. In these situations, pretending its "all good" is usually the wrong answer. If you're frustrated, it's time to make a change. Even if it's a good company or organization that has treated you well, you're not helping them by giving less than your best.

Aside from remaining stagnant and dragging along, you will find yourself in a good job that no longer meets your needs, there can only be two options:

1. Look for a way to bring the joy back to the good job.

2. Look for a way to say goodbye to the good job.

You might think that leaving is hard (and it will be). It's always easier to leave if it were a bad job. Then the situation would become urgent and you'd do everything you could to get out as soon as possible. But, because it's good enough, you stick around.

That's why, one way or another, something has to change.

So ask yourself

Have you ever found yourself doing something you don't like or even hate?

and.. What did you do?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In D-Town

To our Dallas homies, June 17th, The Grits Gang will be set up at Gilley’s (Southside Music Hall) in Dallas. If you’re into good music, good people and good vibes come by and gives a holla free zines and stickers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking Leaps

Over the past couple of months I've been all over Texas and back again. The bad part is the long drive. But, what makes everything worth it is meeting fans and friends alike, since a lot of my friends have clothing lines and we all have similar aspirations. It occurred to me that most of my friends and myself (and some of you out there) chose a harder path than we could have gotten away with.

It was tough at first, but it seems that it eventually paid off, or for some, likely to do so in the the future. Even though we have no guarantees, we knew what we were doing when we made the choice. And so we went for it. We ignored family and friends, followed our hearts and we had no regrets. We took that leap and I'm glad we did.

We challenge the status quo, live life on our own terms and leap when others are too afraid to do the same.

No Grits No Glory

Photo by: Goodchild

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Shipping out

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bootleg Popeye

Digging for memorabilia and products from yesteryear is something I love to do. Whether I am at a garage sale, flea markets or on Ebay. I’m almost always drawn to the type of crap that captures the illustrative look and feel of the 50’s or early 60’s and 70's typography ….I love anything with a cartoon art vibe…jazz album covers, shot glasses, books, figurines….you name it! Anyway I struck gold on this one, a vintage 90's Popeye and Betty Boop "Thug Out" tee. What else can I say? Check out the pics for yourself.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Grits in SATX

Here is a few pics from my recent travels to San Antonio, During this trip I was able to relax and catch up with some friends and family. While on the Riverwalk, one of my good friends got us to try a place called Boudro's on the Riverwalk. And all I got to say, is that you really have to try to the grits. Pepper Jack Grits to be exact.

It won't be long but I will back up to do more soon. So my peeps SA holla at me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sleepy Dan

You may remember Dan and his line, Sleepy Dan, from the Fur Face Boy release party last week. Anyway, Sleepy Dan’s a really cool dude with a positive outlook and good design skills. He hook me up with a shirt and I absolutely loved the packaging. Especially the extras. Check him out here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fur Face Boy Series 5 Summer 2011 Release Recap

We went up to Dallas for my homie, Ha's release party for his brand, Fur Face Boy. It always seems like Fur Face Boy does a party everybody comes out of the wood works. So pretty much all of the most notable brands were there, like Good Child, Loyal KNG, Remix Label, Fresh Kaufee, Unkommon Kolor and newcomer Sleepy Dan.

To sum it up It was all good times, good music and good people.

What else more can you ask for?