Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taking Leaps

Over the past couple of months I've been all over Texas and back again. The bad part is the long drive. But, what makes everything worth it is meeting fans and friends alike, since a lot of my friends have clothing lines and we all have similar aspirations. It occurred to me that most of my friends and myself (and some of you out there) chose a harder path than we could have gotten away with.

It was tough at first, but it seems that it eventually paid off, or for some, likely to do so in the the future. Even though we have no guarantees, we knew what we were doing when we made the choice. And so we went for it. We ignored family and friends, followed our hearts and we had no regrets. We took that leap and I'm glad we did.

We challenge the status quo, live life on our own terms and leap when others are too afraid to do the same.

No Grits No Glory

Photo by: Goodchild


  1. I thought about this too the other day. Most of my friends in Texas own clothing brands. I suppose that is a good thing since I should be associating myself with like-minded, hard working, dedicated and cool people. Hope to catch up with you soon again Reuben.

  2. Yo We will soon. Are you going to Kixpo?

  3. All day everyday bro!! Keeps the Grits Get The GLORY!