Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make a choice

One of my friends told to watch a interview with Will Smith and it totally I caught me by surprise. Naively, I thought it would be about his film career but it totally inspired me.

Its time to make a choice

In the interview, Will talks about being happy to “Die on the treadmill” and that got me thinking.

He explained how he will “out work” anyone and will not give up on his goal or die trying. And that got me thinking about the millions of people around the world who will end up dying in their work cubicle (well not literally but certainly in spirit) because they are not prepared to take that leap and get off of the “wrong” treadmill.

Its time to make a choice

You see, I believe he left out a vital ingredient:

See in life, we are all on a treadmill. Everyday people endure the daily grind and don't not give up on their dream. They go the extra mile. They do more than what's required... But what if they’re on the wrong treadmill?

So, What if you come up against a "Will Smith" on your treadmill? What if he or she will either die or beat you?

What if you’re fighting a losing battle? If it’s too much of a struggle you might be on the wrong treadmill. Maybe you should be going with the flow and not fighting against it.

The right thing and get off the wrong treadmill before it’s too late.

Start creating the life you want and follow your passion. Stopping swimming upstream and get in the flow because…

You Have a Choice – Just Decide

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greasy Spoons: Lulu's Bakery & Cafe

While we were in San Antonio for Sneaks Up 5, I couldn't resist stopping by Lulu's Bakery & Cafe first. This place in the epitome of a "Greasy Spoon" diner. And if it were any diner that understood the "Texas does it BIG." motto, Lulu's would win 1st place with their huge 3lb Cinnamon roll, Yes I did say 3lbs!!

Now to the chicken fried steak... Your eyes will likely gorge at the size of the chicken-fried steak as you notice other diners receiving their smoking hot dishes. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT make my mistake and look longingly and stir up your appetite before receiving your steak. It looked and smelled so delicious, I couldn't help it. I ate my whole steak. That was an unfortunate decision, as it was larger than my stomach was capable of handling, and I could feel those final pieces shoving its way into my gut. Every bite is delicious, but the afterwards I feel unhealthy, like it washed my stomach of every piece of salad or spinach that might have helped clean it and replaced it with chicken-fried batter.

It was the best experience post-meal. but Would I do it again? Almost definitely.

P.S. Some people have pointed out that the restaurant is old, run down, etc. Yes, it's a greasy spoon southern cafe. The good ones usually are. Did you really expect something different?

Never trust a skinny cook! - Lulu's

3lb Cinnamon Roll!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grits Random

Grits Random: From time to time I will carry special "Grits Potluck" discount cards to give out to random fans and friends. So next time you run into me, say "No Grits No Glory!", you just might receive a surprise!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sneaks Up 5 Recap

This week has been a crazy last week with all the releases. That I almost forgot about Sneaks Up 5. Considering that we were late getting there. (Side Note: I believe that we broke the record for "Fastest Driving Time" from Houston to San Antonio: 2 hours 5min #theflash.) Anyway, Sneaks Up 5 was all about good times, good food and most importantly, good people. At the event, we made many new friends and fans....

Me and Heather (Good Child) are testing out some of Joonbugs (Fresh Kaufee) product.

Mike (Remixlabel) has been running around all day and havent got a chance to eat so when did grabbed the first box of Grits he could get.

Norm (Sneaks Up) running things.

Ed from SA's own (Million Monkey) from came by and took a bite out of the box too. To come to think of it a lot people were pretty hungry that weekend.

and he brought one of his million monkeys.

Good Child representin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wake -N- Bake

With 4/20 just around the corner. Grits X Hater Magazine are representing with Wake -N- Bake tee that will be available online here. Also, each shirt is accompanied with a custom printed box. Limited Supply, get it while you can!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nitty Gritty Series Preview

I have been slacking on the updates, Here is a sneak peak of our t-shirt series that will be available this Sunday at Sneaks Up. See you then!

Sneaks Up

I’ll be setting up shop THIS Sunday, April 17th at the Sneaks Up in San Antonio. Read more about the and all of the cool happenings here. Make sure you stop by our table and give the gang a Holla...... I’ll be seeing you guys this weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New New

I know this week has been pretty light on the post, but don't worry there is a lot instore for next week. We have a couple of surprises in store for you next week so stay tuned. Hint one has to do with a certain upcoming holiday and event!