Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sneaks Up 5 Recap

This week has been a crazy last week with all the releases. That I almost forgot about Sneaks Up 5. Considering that we were late getting there. (Side Note: I believe that we broke the record for "Fastest Driving Time" from Houston to San Antonio: 2 hours 5min #theflash.) Anyway, Sneaks Up 5 was all about good times, good food and most importantly, good people. At the event, we made many new friends and fans....

Me and Heather (Good Child) are testing out some of Joonbugs (Fresh Kaufee) product.

Mike (Remixlabel) has been running around all day and havent got a chance to eat so when did grabbed the first box of Grits he could get.

Norm (Sneaks Up) running things.

Ed from SA's own (Million Monkey) from came by and took a bite out of the box too. To come to think of it a lot people were pretty hungry that weekend.

and he brought one of his million monkeys.

Good Child representin.

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