Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make a choice

One of my friends told to watch a interview with Will Smith and it totally I caught me by surprise. Naively, I thought it would be about his film career but it totally inspired me.

Its time to make a choice

In the interview, Will talks about being happy to “Die on the treadmill” and that got me thinking.

He explained how he will “out work” anyone and will not give up on his goal or die trying. And that got me thinking about the millions of people around the world who will end up dying in their work cubicle (well not literally but certainly in spirit) because they are not prepared to take that leap and get off of the “wrong” treadmill.

Its time to make a choice

You see, I believe he left out a vital ingredient:

See in life, we are all on a treadmill. Everyday people endure the daily grind and don't not give up on their dream. They go the extra mile. They do more than what's required... But what if they’re on the wrong treadmill?

So, What if you come up against a "Will Smith" on your treadmill? What if he or she will either die or beat you?

What if you’re fighting a losing battle? If it’s too much of a struggle you might be on the wrong treadmill. Maybe you should be going with the flow and not fighting against it.

The right thing and get off the wrong treadmill before it’s too late.

Start creating the life you want and follow your passion. Stopping swimming upstream and get in the flow because…

You Have a Choice – Just Decide

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