Friday, June 17, 2011

In DALLAS tonight!

On June 17th in Dallas, TX, we’ll be privileged to be a part of a great hip-hop event, The Calling, housing some of the most talented artists around the area, such as Sore Losers, A.Dd+, Head Krack, and more. If you guys know anything about Loyal K.N.G. then you’ll be familiar with our love for hip-hop duo, Sore Losers (Freeloader Mixtape) and A.Dd+ (When Pigs Fly). These guys are hands down some of the most talented artists to come out of Dallas, and they are truly strong representatives of the hip-hop culture here in Texas. From intelligent hip-hop raps, strong relevant messages, and great instrumental production, Sore Losers and A.Dd+ holds it down for the TX hip-hop scene in a BIG way. And with all things Texas, that’s just the way it should be.

The event is hosted by Cool Beings’ Jesse Porter. Check out the facebook event page here for all the information or check out below:

The event will be held at:

Gilleys South Side Music Hall

1135 S. Lamar St.

Dallas, TX 75215

The time and day for the show is:

Friday, June 17 at 9:00pm – June 18 at 3:00am

The ticket prices are 10$ and can be purchased here.

*Courtesy of Loyal KNG

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