Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know some of y'all been wondering whats happening with Grits. Its been a minute because I need to learn balance between work and family. Sometimes I am guilty of putting work above the latter. In order to balance everything, I took a small hiatus to search out new ideas and relax a bit. And I must say it was a breathe of fresh air! During this time I had a couple of epiphanys.

One of those brilliant ideas resulted in getting married to Toya Bee. (Some may have seen her helping at the booth at Kixpo or H-town Sneaker Summit.)
The others are secret for now and they will soon manifest this fall.

Anyway, anytime is a a good time think about ones work/life balance. To find our purpose in life.

Many people work crazy hours to fill a void in their life. Some are just so driven and excited about what they do everyday that they cannot think of anything else.

For those, the old saying "Work's only Work, if you'd rather be doing something else", applies.

Either way, as we get older, it seems we come to appreciate that there is something to finding that balance, and everyone's balance is different, some it's 10/90, others it might be 90/10, but one of the keys to happiness is finding yours.
For those of us who will be grinding over the next couple of months, make sure that you use that time well - there's no point of just going through the motions.

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