Monday, October 17, 2011

My Plans vs Their Plans

One day while working in "cubicle hell," I found myself in a meeting after completing a project. It wasn't a bad meeting, he mainly gave me a minute of praise before discussing upcoming projects. While most of the meeting was forgettable. One thing that stuck in my head after we talked is when he said, "We've got plans for you."

After the discussion, that phrase stuck with me. For some us that means a promotion or a raise is in the works. But this time, It left me with doubt. How does he know that his plans are aligned with my plans?

It's tempting to go along with other people's plans for a while. And keep telling yourself that you are "buying time" till you find something better. However, years can pass and then one day you will look back and wonder, hey, what happened to my plans?

Now, I don't think that everyone toiling at a day job is unhappy. But I do think everyone has a dream, and if you aren't willing to turn your dream into a plan, someone else will come along to impose their own plans on you. The next time this happens, think carefully:

How do their plans fit into my plans?

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