Monday, June 15, 2009

The Guggenheim Museum’s 50th Anniversary

The Guggenheim Museum and Google have come together to launch a global design competition for The Guggenheim’s 50th anniversary. It’s called ‘Design It Shelter‘ that “invites the public to create designs for a 100 sq ft structure in which to live and work for anywhere in the world using the 3D design tools Google Earth and Google Sketch Up.” It’s just so damn futuristic! Also to celebrate, they are releasing incredibly rare film footage taken while the building (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) was under construction, as well as special exhibitions including one centered on Wright’s works, another showing selected works from its inaugural art exhibition, and more. I love this building - it had a mixed reception at the time, apparently Wright wanted to design something ground-breaking , that would make the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art ”look like a Protestant barn.”

Words from Nicola on The Wire.

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