Saturday, August 15, 2009

Neil Krug

When I first saw Neil Krug's work it was like looking at some lost photo album; I was hard pressed to tell whether it was new trying to look old or just plain old. Done right, the retro-lofi style can be very powerful, and Krug executes to perfection. I don't know much about his post process but he apparently starts off with expired Polaroid film to achieve this vividly psychedelic color palette. Coming into the world of digital art when I did, it's been interesting to see the massive resurgence in analog technology over the past decade. Artists in many mediums are turning back to more traditional methods and incorporating vintage technology into their process. I think a lot of artists have come to realize that the human eye craves authenticity and so often work that is purely digital falls short in sometimes imperceptible ways. I've found that in my own work -- both audio and visual -- incorporating even small amounts of analog elements into a composition can have a very powerful impact on how it is perceived.

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