Thursday, September 24, 2009

Died Young Stayed Pretty Documentary

I am a sucker for a good gig poster so I to let you know about Died Young, Stayed Pretty a new documentary film looking at a scene of artists across the US who make gig posters. Each time a group comes to their local area these outsider artists create crazy posters and stick them up all over their city. Director Eileen Yaghoobian has spent three years travelling around the US examining these artists and what drives their movement. Gig poster art was one of the first poplar forums for graphic art amongst young people. The colourful, crazy and homemade graphics of the hippy and punk scenes were a precursor to graffiti and street art, and we can still see its influence in record labels like Ed Banger which have a really strong graphic style to their releases. This film should offer a fascinating insight into this virtually unknown scene.

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