Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Gang

Over the last month or two we've been running around so much that by the time you stop to take a breather you realize that a whole lot has happened. For example just found this weekend that the playoffs were going on. (To some that would be blasphemy.) Anyhow here some pics of some of the Grits Gang and extended family.

Shaun (Caughtin Customs) is always willing to give the best photos. he is almost animated as Busta Rhymes.

Here's Chelsea,The Queen bee Caughtin Customs holdin it down. She didnt want me to take but I snuck this shot in. HA!!

One of good friends, Robert Hodge a dope artist wearing vintage Grits. So whenever I can save up some money or be willing to slave at his studio for some sweat equity I try to get a new art piece. If he looks familiar, you may remember him from such videos as The Cooler than Average. Check it out here.

Grant (Simply Complicated) is always giving everyone the salute.

Ray (Simply Complicated) always pushing SC. #texasgrind

I guess everyone is tired of having a camera shoved in their face. Mike (Remixlabel), Mean Muggin.


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