Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyone else

A little over a year ago I ended a lengthy relationship. While there were many reasons that ultimately led to "the break-up", one in particular always picked at me slowly over the years; I always felt that I was being pushed to be mediocre. To be like everyone else.

It has always bothered me how school and societal standard has groomed us to be average, to be like everyone else. Belong. Fit in. Conform. I can't d
eny that there have been times I did just that, followed suit to get by from job to job, get through one class to the next. Ironically even when I was excelling by these standards and "performing well", an undeniable scent of the status quo covered me. And I hated the smell.

Every job everyone commended me on was actually the subconscious bane of my existence. I wanted out. Internally I was tired of my parents, friends, "mentors", even my then girlfriend telling me "to be realistic" and do something that was deemed as "safe." Nonetheless I accepted it. The mediocrity. In my job, relationships and in my life. It wasn't until after my ex and I broke up that I began to ask myself one question:

What do you really want to get out of life?

For me it was simply to create. To push forward with my art. To design cool shirts. No matter how menial that may have sounded to some, perhaps even most, I simply w
anted to make cool shirts. And the first step towards that realization was to stop being mediocre; stop being realistic. In fact it was time to "be unrealistic" and follow my passion.

Every person who tells you to "be realistic" is asking you to be mediocre. They are suggesting you compromise your ideas and ideals in the name of security. But, our mantra at Grits Apparel is No Grits No Glory; We focus on the way things could be rather than the way things were. Some of the best ideas may seem unrealistic, but what would you rather do?... live like everyone else?

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