Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Our society exists in a state of over supply. And that's not just talking shelf space. As we face a significant shift in culture. Especially as it relates to [un]employment rates.There is now an excess of resources, resumes and people competing for jobs. So my questions is, how many of us are truly irreplaceable? And I am not just referring to irreplaceability to our employers, but in our lives. At any given moment there are hundreds or evens thousands of people that can do what we do, how we do, as well as... or even better. So what's your unique selling point, competitive advantage or super power?

In a world where mediocrity once held a long reign. (Get this degree, climb that ladder, buy more "stuff".) We are now being shown that being average actually puts you at a disadvantage in life. A goal of life must be to find your passion and do it uniquely and exquisitely and do it in a way that keeps you from being lost in the sea of mediocrity.

Angry by Tarelkin

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