Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The old ways are dead.

Its been almost a year since I began making Grits shirts. So far its been a exciting and enlightening journey. But occasionaly I run into naysayers that tell me “Welcome to the new world.” or "That sounds nice, but it’s unrealistic." when talking about my ideas.

Have you ever heard that before?

It’s meant as a sarcastic remark about what someone else has said or is doing.

Well if you ever had that feeling you are not alone. And I say in response, "Ignore them", The Unremarkably Average. Avoid them at all cost. They cling to what was rather than what is. They believe and actively defend “the way things used to be” even if your memory is hazy about when that actually was. They feel threatened by new ideas.

So avoid the unremarkably average person. They can't help you. They are extinct, they are extinction.

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  1. Well said, thats where we stand out, amongt all the negativity and doubt!