Thursday, May 20, 2010

Southern Hospitality

Growing up in Houston, I've notice that almost in every neighborhood has a plethora of Bar-B-Q trucks and taco trucks. in matter of fact in some areas (especially where I live) you can't even go 2 blocks without seeing one on a corner.

So while driving this morning, I passed by one of these "mobile restaurants" named " The Crackling Hut." Decorated with hand painted slogans, I couldn't resist turning around and shooting a couple of pictures.

While taking pictures, I was approach by the local "Maintenance man" nicknamed "Cowboy". He just wanted to see what I doing. After I told him that I admired the hut and that I was documenting it. He opened right up and gave me way more information than I wanted know about making crackling, about the club next door, his neighbors, the youth today and his stance on the world right now.

Which by the way he summed up very easily as, " It's all the same ole shit."

Maybe that was " Too Much Information" for me or maybe... just maybe... talking to people is something Cowboy loves to do.

Now don't that just butter your grits.

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