Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you Remember Pogs?

I was going thru some old stuff at my parents' house and discovered a couple of pogs. Do you Remember Pogs? It was the game of choice for us in the Mid 90's. The entire history of pogs, or at least the span of time in which they rocked my world, lasted for about twelve months. And everybody was playing with them. Hell almost every company was making pogs.

Even the caring evangelical Christian bookstores immediately began stocking God-pogs as a tool for winning souls for Christ. (Not at all as a way to make a quick buck.) I’m pretty sure they replaced their Bible section with a pog section, which was okay by me. I remember the seven-pog set that detailed the seven days of God’s creation of the universe.

For those who don't remember the game, it was comprised of milk caps that kids collected, all sorts of designs, some of my friends had hundreds. You would stack them up face-down with yours and other kids, then you'd take turns hitting the stack with "slammers" - thicker, hard disks, same size as pogs. whatever pogs fell face up when you slammed the stack, you got to keep.

Anyway, after the U.S.'s year-long obsession with cardboard disc, every kid gladly disposed of their pogs to make room for the next fad, Furby.

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