Friday, November 12, 2010

Go. Leap. Create.

Today's post is from my new friend Zee at The Middle Finger Project. She has some nice words about pursuing your passion and life as art. Enjoy the read.

If you think in terms of your life being a work of art, is yours a masterpiece, or a half-hearted attempt?

Just like a painting or a clay sculpture, you have full artistic control.

You can shape life however you wish.

You can do the things you long to do - you just have to give yourself permission to.

And that's always the hardest part.

Sometimes, when you know what the right thing to do is, but can't seem to get past all of the logistics, the solution is easy: Forget about them.

No time will ever be the perfect time. No situation will ever be the perfect situation. Nothing you do will ever turn out exactly as you planned.

The only thing that IS a sure thing?

Life is not forever.

Yours certainly is no exception.

There's simply no time for half-hearted attempts.

It's time to get out your paintbrush.





You're an artist, whether you knew it or not.

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