Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jimmy Houston

This past weekend was Houston's 2010 Art Crawl. For some who don't know exactly what that is, Art Crawl is a yearly event in Houston's Downtown and Warehouse districts, where more than 100 artists open their working art studios, exhibitions and sometimes even live in spaces to the public. Art Crawl is intended to give a little insight to the public about the contemporary art being created right here in Houston.

I hate to say that the first couple of spaces I saw were just so/so. That is until I ran into Jimmy Houston. [Yup that's his real name.] Anyway, Jimmy's paintings consist mostly of characters reminiscent of the cool illustrations and cartoons of the 30's/40's. But don't merely take my word for it. Shoot over to his blog and see for yourself. In the mean time, us at the Grits Chatta Box will continue to stay on the lookout for more emerging Houston artists like JImmy, who's definitely servin up some goodstuff.

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