Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hashbrown with a side of Grits

It feels good to see people representing the brand. So when I ran across this picture of Houston's own rapper/producer, Hashbrown/ Jett I Masstyr representing Grits. After seeing his name, I couldn't resist. C'mon, Grits and Hashbrown? It made me wonder if the next group I will see is gonna be called Eggs & Bacon.

But all jokes aside, Hashbrown is dope producer and rapper. Actually his crew will be opening for Raekwon... yes Raekwon The Chef at Warehouse Live on June 19th. He been carving quite his niche out here. Check his music here. At Grits, we grind our own peppers... and design clothing for those who do the same.


  1. Great artist....Great music.....Great artwork. Keep on coming with the dopeness.

  2. Name another underground (yet) MC with a sponsor... *Crickets*