Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Grits No Glory

Yesterday, I had great discussion with some good friends about some of the challenges that go with doing what we love do. Here are some thoughts I gathered from the conversation...

Sometimes it's difficult to stay focus. Its not entirely our fault but due to television and the Internet there are too many options to choose from. It’s no wonder its hard concentrate on our art, there is barely anytime.

Well at least we think so.

As I am finding out the answer is pretty simple, we buy and do too much stuff. We’re over-extended to the point that no one knows what they’re doing anymore. Anyone who’s not creating things (or not making good things) isn’t “not creative enough”, instead they’ve been hypnotized into thinking that accumulating junk and wasting time matters more than discovering their true purpose.

When I started Grits, my main focus was never how much money I was going to make. My main focus was doing something that I enjoyed. Making dope t-shirt designs and giving you a great experience makes me happy. So find out what makes you happy and pursue that 110%.

Everett Bogue wrote,

"The only thing that is important is making art that matters.

The only way to make art that matters is to focus on the important."

Remember, No Grits No Glory.

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