Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living for "Stuff"

"It’s mediocrity, fear and confusion in disguise. It’s neither doing nor not doing. It’s the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy. Moderation is for the bland, the apologetic, for the fence-sitters of the world afraid to take a stand. It’s for those afraid to laugh or cry, for those afraid to live or die.” -Dan Millman

I am not that old. But, I've noticed the longer I work, the more I see fellow co-workers in their 30's, 40's, and 50's, who have kind of hit the wall in their career, but somehow need the money more than ever. You know, to pay for all that “stuff”: Big cars, big houses in the suburbs, golf clubs, social status, all that kind of "stuff".

They're disgruntled. They're bitter and they hate their job, but they love their “stuff”. They rationalize that they don't have a choice. They have children, rent, mortgages and responsibilities, that kinda "stuff." But, they also have a lot of “stuff”, which requires ever more time and energy.

I figure the more time you invest into "stuff," the more energy is needed to compensate for the fact that basically, you hate your job... That you never liked your job... That all along, it’s always been about the “stuff”.

Unfortunately, it's usually these people who are the first on the cutting block. Their bosses always end up getting rid of them, but only after dragging them around and sucking them dry of their enthusiasm and creativity.

So, please decide to love what you do and most importantly, Do It. The sooner the better. Don't let your creativity go to waste. Devoting your life to "stuff" is really no way to live.

No Grits No Glory


  1. Really like this post! As you were! :)

  2. I find it interesting that my friend posting something similar to this today and I commented on it. I click on your link and read.

    I found the post just as intriguing as his because I too, find it interesting that people refuse to live for what they love or do what they love. They gave up on what they really wanted to do because they were told to "get a real job" or be realistic. If they are realistic then how will the afford their "stuff" as you put it to impress others.

    When people realize that they have one life to live and that enjoying it with people who they love is more important than "keepin' up with the Jones'" than I guess we will continue to live with miserable, unhappy people who will say, "I wish I...".

    I look forward to future posts.