Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

In 1995, a printed magazine (yes I said printed magazine), called The Fast Company, published a manifesto that I didn't understand, until recently. It read “Work is personal, Computing is social, Knowledge is power, Break the rules.” It was written by the founding editors of the magazine, Alan M. Webber and William C. Taylor. They proposed a new world of leaders/creatives, rewriting the rules and challenging mediocrity.

Personally, I felt Creatives were the catalyst for these changes. But it seems like mediocrity has created the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves. Fortunately for us, the odds are in the Creatives' favor. I guess there's only one question you should ask yourself, "Am I challenging the status quo or am I a cog in a machine?

No Grits No Glory

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