Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being sensible sucks

I loathe sensible. We are all taught from an early age to be practical and sensible, which will lead to a safe existence , which is apparently the underlying "American Dream". But for me practical has always equaled average, and sensibility leads to a stepford life of 9-5 monotony.

No one who ever did anything up-roaringly remarkable got there by thinking, "I should probably be more levelheaded, practical & realistic. Yes, that will surely launch me straight to success."

You know what level-headed, practical, painstakingly realistic people... " The Average" do?

They wait in silence hoping that they would be "discovered." They suffer as the result of their own philosophies and fears, never conscious of the fact that it is their very own sword that they are impaling themselves upon.

• The "average" walk around the world wishing they could have just had
some more guts.
• The "level-headed" wish they could have just taken that one risk.
• The "realistic" wish they could have just dreamed a little bigger.

And then there is YOU, who knows better.

Which will you be?

No Grits No Glory

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