Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ramp Up

Most of our lives everyone has always tried to fit each of us into a “box”, very similarly dimensioned, homogenized boxes at that. Telling us what to do and how to do it. Its funny to me that despite our varying interests, talents and gifts how we are all taught one size fits all. Ya know “go to college and get a ‘stable’ job and live ‘happily ever after’.”

Then somewhere along the way in this “pursuit of happiness” you realize that the ‘fit’ isn’t quite tailored to fit you, at all. College didn’t feel right or that “dream job” turned out to be the most unfulfilling thing in your life.

And then it happens. The moment you decide to let the waist out on your stifling Dockers and do something different. Your own way. And finding that is a whole ‘nother obstacle in itself.

Most of the time the obvious way around an obstacle isn't necessarily the only way. Looking for another option is part of the “Ramp Up.” When we “Ramp Up,” we achieve the same goals as anyone else, but through a different method. It works in education, career, personal finance, social causes, politics, relationships, etc.

Now when you “Ramp Up” there will be people that feel that going outside textbook defined strategy is cheating. You will here the “hate” when you succeed without the struggle. It's not fair to adapt to your surroundings or find a creative solution -- and it's not fair to create an entirely new playbook, because that throws the existing one into chaos.

It's only natural that some people feel this way. If you spend your whole life taking the long road, of course you'll be resentful when someone finds a shortcut.

But some rules were made to be broken, and other rules can be bended. In both cases there is almost always more than one way to accomplish something.

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