Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greasy Spoon Tee: Grits Apparel X Complete Clothing

To kick the new year off right we at Grits Apparel are doing what we do best, an exclusive shirt release. This time we're going intrastate, collaborating with fellow Texas brand, Complete Clothing out of Austin. The Greasy Spoon tee is an ode to the local restaurants that we frequent so much, for the authentic taste of Texas. What better place but to do that than in Austin? Where the local flavor is always exciting.

Not much for resolutions, I am however into making better habits. So throughout 2011 Grits will be habitually adding more seasoning to the pot, spicing stuff up and bringing even more to the table. So be on the look out for some new or perhaps unexpected things to boil over. I just have a lot of crazy shirt ideas that I really want to release as well as other limited edition items and a few exclusive events.

So come out we’ll be serving up a good heaping of Grits and enough free beer to go around. And yes, just like all our other shirts, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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