Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stadium Status: Htown Sneaker Summit Recap

The H-Town Sneaker Summit was pretty crazy this year. It seemed as if the whole city came out to bare witness to the super-sizing of what was already the regions largest summit. There were plenty of people, dozens of dope brands and a surplus of sneakers. Ron Grits and I held down the Grits booth while having a lot of fun and capturing a few pictures for your viewing enjoyment. Excuse the blurriness of some snaps shots, as I neglected to give Ron a tutorial. Never the less the good times and success of the event are clear. Tilt and squint.

Killa Kyleon is always repping for Houston and now for Grits too. #runit

Kiki the Dunn (Chemical X) and Ron Grits.

Paolo from 3 Kings is dropping some heat over at thier booth however Ron caught him in some weird blank stare.
One of the coolest people I met so far is Blot from the blog Wanna know about the newest vinyl toys and comics. Check out his blog and bookmark it now!

Dirty from Dirty & Nasty has always been a supporter. Check out their music here.

These girls were stalking the table for Grits. So I gave them some takeout boxes.

Grits loves the kids.

Samantha from Unkommon Kolor from Dallas always repesenting.

Chris is a supporter of Grits and he says, "You should too!"

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