Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do you Remember Thundercats?

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats, Ho!!

Do you Remember Thundercats? I loved this show with a passion as a kid. I liked He-man, but Thundercats had it on lock with the dope animation and ever better storylines. The show starred CATS!!.... Really.... CATS!!! Do you know hard it is to make boys ever love a show about cats? It's very hard to do.

Also the toys were arguably advanced for the time. Maybe, because compared to He- man toys, they had more money or something. Most of the Thundercat toys came with small plastic levers that caused their arms to make a wave up and down motion, perfect for sword slashes and fist smashes. The levers were great for knocking over inferior toys (He-man) and whacking the earlobes of unexpecting cousins and friends.

If you dont remember, check out the intro below.


  1. Shows like this wouldn't make it with todays kids. Mumra is a stark contrast to the muppets and sing a longs that they are used to.