Monday, August 2, 2010

H-town Sneaker Summit Recap

It was a SIZZLING HOT day this past Sunday during the H-town Sneaker Summit, but the heat most certainly didn't stop the loads of people who came out, supported and partied with Grits! It was definitely a Summertime blast! The crowd, the food, the music, the drinks, the ENTIRE VIBE was dope as hell! Everyone loved the zine. If you didn't get one don't fret, it will be included with the new release online.

For those who missed out on the zine... I figured why let me have all the fun. So here is some propaganda to put up around your schools and neighborhoods. Download PDF Here!

If you're looking for the new Grits shirt, don't worry! I'll have the new tees, with two new additions released on my web store soon! Also, be sure to watch my twitter and facebook to be the first to know! And if you missed our newest commercial check out the last blog post below. PZ.

Thanks to Raza رضا Kazimi for the picture.

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